Video Before + After.

I’ve said this a million times already, but I think it bears repeating: I have the best clients. Seriously.

I met Lauren Chipman (now Keester) back when I was at OSU. She was in all the shows like I was, but in a different sorority. Fun fact: she also went to the same high school as my husband! Lauren and her husband, Jared, started their own wedding videography company* 5 years ago and recently reached out to me regarding some rebranding work and consultation. Of course, I was thrilled to work with these two. So, we started out with a look at their competition. Then I took a deep dive in their former logo, their future dreams and what they offer to their brides.

*Side note: I think husband and wife teams are beyond fun to work with.

I think we found a great new logo for these go-getters, and I’m thrilled to see what their 2015 has in store! Thanks, Jared and Lauren, for being such a joy to work with! Now, save me some of the wedding cake from your next shoot and we’ll be the best of friends FOREVER.




I looked at these two, young lovers who have a very lovely way of filming a bride and groom on their Big Day. They don’t do the cheesy sparkly effects. They don’t do the goofy slow motion spins. Nope. They do simple and they capture the modern bride, in a way she’ll love watching for years to come. Their branding needed to be clean, simple and modern. You can visit Lauren and Jared’s website here. I’ll post more fun stuff as we move along – some business cards, new DVD packaging and lots more. Hang tight.