New Logo Alert!

I am super happy to share a finished logo with you all! Kristen is a very dear friend of mine, and one who has many tricks up her sleeve. She’s a wonderful artist, she builds websites (mine included!) and is a writer working on her very first book. A huge high five to K! I’m stoked to see how your brand continues to build into something lovely!

This logo was pretty hilarious to design, honestly. After Kristen returned her completed New Client Worksheets to me, I combed through looking for connecting points in her brand’s story. After scribbling down thoughts, drawing lines to like-minded adjectives and crossing out unnecessary connections, I had to laugh. I laughed hard. It looked like I made her worksheets bleed with my hot pink pen. Her answers were really all over the place. Why? Because her brand is so many things! She paints! She writes! She builds websites! So, what the hell was I going to do? How was I going to sort this all out?  She gave me the term “Pixels, Paint, Prose” and I fell in love. I thought, “Yes. Let’s embody all things Kristen.” And my brain went all crazy-excited and we made some serious magic.

Here it is. Oh, and you can go read her blog post on the same topic. She can write like a champ, ya know.