New Logo Alert – First Presbyterian Church

Presbyterians make my heart pitter-patter. Those precious Jesus-loving folks are gold. Not stuffy, non-judgmental, inclusive, caring and happy. I grew up in this church, so I may be biased, and I grew up at this very happy Presby camp, Dwight Mission. The First Presbyterian Church of Perry, OK, who happen to be lead by a dear Dwight friend and co-worker, Joshua Kerr, reached out for a logo and branding project and I high-fived them. Yes. I’d love to help them, and even do so as a donation to the church.

I did a few Google Hangouts with Josh and a member of the congregation who’s a marketing gal like me, and we came up with a design direction. We tweaked, we played with ideas and we finally settled on a great, fresh brand for the church. They had a brand new building, and now a brand new logo to go with it.

Fun fact, another dear Dwight friend of mine designed and built their website. DWIGHT FOR THE WIN!

First Presbyterian Church, Perry OK – Branding & Logo Design

First Presbyterian Church Perry Logo