Inspiration – Music Videos

Last night I was reminded of my complete love for the music industry. The 2017 Grammy Awards were on until about 10:30 and I was hooked the whole time, despite the hour past my usual bedtime. (Note: this late end time did not deter me from watching the final season opener of Girls on HBO. It was good.) My time spent in the music world was fast and insane. Working late nights at the BOK Center in Tulsa, sometimes leaving at 1am only to arrive back at my desk by 8:30am, wore me ragged for a year. My social life consisted of drinking too many Dr. Peppers while sitting in the wings watching whoever play whatever on stage. Once I drove a chain smoking Elmo and Big Bird (don’t tell Darcy) around at 5am to do pressers on local TV. Another time I got to meet the members of Widespread Panic backstage to get posters signed. I held hands with Dave Matthews. You know, the usual stuff.

Anyway, my love for the industry started with my mom. Constantly singing Beatles music, playing Michael Jackson (my first crush) records, taking me to see Lynard Skynard and the Beach Boys in Tulsa…she planted the seed early that the arts were important and music is magical, especially when seen live. I think I repaid her handsomely with plenty of free show tickets during my tenure at the BOK Center, which she still reminds me that she terribly misses. Sorry, mom.

I studied the music industry while at the University of Texas at Austin, obviously the best place in the world to study such an industry. While getting my master’s in advertising, I side hustled to learn as much as I could about music promotions. Interning with C3 Presents, working with band management and designing some tour t-shirts, I had a blast. I loved that gig.

Everytime I get to attend a show, I think I give Jeff and heart attack as I say enthusiastically, “I miss working this industry and I want back in!” Realistically, it’s a better idea for me to offer my graphic design experience to that industry because I’m pretty damn happy with my free evenings/weekends, especially with my little buddy Darcy Nell around. I can still draw some serious inspiration from my favorite bands, musicians and venues. I can still get hyped up by attending good shows (hello, Tom Petty and Queen soon!). I can still watch videos and grab color schemes and branding inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite videos as of late…