Huge Project

While I’ve been pretty busy with 2 fun clients (a talented web designer and a new oil/gas company!), I have had something even bigger in the works. It’s been keeping me from blogging as often as I’d like, and it’s taken some focus away from new client acquisition, but It’s a project that I’ve been dreaming about for some time now, and it’s coming to fruition soon!

I’ve got a baby coming.

Yes. A child. A new Trotter. A new Grober Trotter. A little buddy. A human for Mabel and Millie. A teeny tiny bebe.


Jeff and I are going to be parents and we couldn’t be happier!

While I won’t post much about the bebe here on my site, I’ll try to do a little update now and again. I’ve got a little hidden website where I’m doing weekly updates, but that’s for my own record and it’s very personal. So, here are a few answers and a brief FAQ for your enjoyment/knowledge/whatever.

When did you find out?

I found out early February. We had watched our nephew Reed for the weekend (all by ourselves, without any trips to the ER!!) and we found out the Tuesday after we took him home. The scientists say that there are some very obvious signs of early pregnancy, and yes, I can confirm that is true. I had a few symptoms that led me to reluctantly take a test. The only reason I was reluctant was because we had been let down before (honesty time) and I was afraid to get my hopes up again. I knew walking into Target to buy the little test that it was real…I just knew. Things in my body were rapidly changing and I could feel it all.

How far along are you?

I’m almost 19 weeks. At our last ultrasound the tech said I’m measuring bigger than that timeline, but my doc is keeping our due date of Oct. 23. That may change after our 20-week ultrasound next Thursday. Who knows. My belly is OUT and bumpin’ hard. And I’m wearing a few maternity clothing items, which is lovely. Stretchy pants 4 life.

How are you feeling? 

Well, I battled through some insane nausea and have made it to the glorious 2nd trimester that all the women rave about. My energy is back during the day, but I turn into a pumpkin around 9-10pm. I have been nausea-free for about 4 weeks now, although I took Jeff on a hot date to see Fast and Furious 7 (best wife award to me) the other night and got motion sickness that didn’t even allow me to finish a slice of pizza at Empire. I have all sorts of anti-nausea tricks and hippie methods that worked for me for a while. I’m just happy to be past that stage right now. I can no longer sleep on my stomach, but that’s fine. My cheeks are constantly rosy and I’m using my concealer a little more than I normally do. Other than symptoms, I’m feeling calm, happy and eager.

Is it a boy or girl?

I get this question a lot. My nephew Reed insists I’m having a boy, although he is hesitant to give me what the name should be. Jeff and I will be taking bets from friends and family and will award a winner with a prize when we find out. No, we’re not finding out at our next ultrasound, and no, no we’re not doing a gender reveal party. Basically, we’re not going to find out until the kid is born. We want to be surprised, and we want to guess all the way to the finish line. I haven’t had a hunch, per se, and I haven’t done any of the old wive’s tales to determine the sex. Maybe I should for funsies. I just imagine Jeff walking into the waiting room to announce the gender to our closest people…what a special moment that’ll be for him. Ah, it’ll be sweet.

But what will the nursery look like? 

It’ll look like the rest of our house…filled with important mementos and art. We’re doing white walls, one black wall and we’ll hang our favorite concert and music fest posters. We’re getting a beautiful modern crib that’ll fit with the rest of our aesthetic. I did buy a sweet shark mount (the shark is made from recycled sweaters…it’s cute) and will hang that somewhere in there. That’s my first and only purchase for the bebe so far. The nursery will go with our style, but nod to the new life in it.

Do you have names picked out?

No. We spitball name ideas every once in a while, but we’ll decide on a name when we meet the kid and see it’s face for the first time. Gotta meet it before giving it a name! Right now we do call it Beyonce, but that’s more because I have a lot of dreams about Beyonce and Jay-Z. By the way, pregnancy dreams are one million percent INCREDIBLE AND HILARIOUS. Most of my dreams are either A. shark-related or B. music video-related, and more rap videos than anything else. I’m a really good rap video participant, btw.

Are you getting an epidural or doing natural??

Surprisingly, people are very interested in your “birth plan” as soon as you tell them you’re pregnant. I need to just change my response to “I’m going to go to the hospital and have the bebe…that’s my plan.” And leave it at that. But really, Jeff and I will decide what’s best for us and the bebe when we get closer to go-time. Since I’m a kidney stone passer since 6th grade, I’d like to compare the two for my own knowledge, but I’m not 100% sure an all-natural birth is best for my sanity yet. We’ll see. My only hope is that I get to have the kid without a c-section. Wish me luck.

Are you going to continue to work? 

Yes. I love to work. I love designing, I love my day job and I love creating neat things. I will, however, take my last design client sometime this summer (August, maybe??) so I can focus on the belly full-time until I have the kid. I’ll probably also want time to design the announcement, obviously, since it has to be super cool. I will open my design schedule back up in January sometime, I bet. This all might change, but for now that sounds about right.


So, that about does it. If you have any questions, or want to talk motherhood (wait…I’m going to be a mom now…whoa) comment below. If you do, give your best parental advice…I’m going to start a file of all that.