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Press Checks.

One of my favorite parts of being involved in the ordering process for paper goods from my clients are the press check days. Today, much like Christmas, made me a happy camper because I got to press check for two neat clients! Here’s a little sneaky peek at their work… Carpe Diem Press Check Video Yes, […]

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Often, too often, we become stirred. New opportunities. New iPhones. New clothes. New cars. New jobs. New design ideas. New home decorations. New seasons. New TV shows. New diets. New everything all the time. My challenge has always been to try, as a designer and hard-working woman in Oklahoma City, to embrace stillness. Embrace what […]

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Tunes – Round Two

I dig new tunes. I’m constantly buying new records for my home, and I’m still in love with Spotify. I wrote a while ago a nice little list of sweet songs I was currently enjoying. Time to update. Here’s what I’m bumping in my headphones or on my record player lately… Nothing But Our Love  […]

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Sometimes my absolute favorite clients aren’t the ones with the big, fatty budget. No. In fact, some of my favorite clients are the ones who have a really stellar idea with their new company. Or they have a fun, hands-on project that they need help with. Or they want something designed that is totally off-the-wall […]

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Good Music.

The tUnE-yArDs is a real funky music group, led by vocalist Merrill Garbus. This group is one of my favorite weirdo bands, who continually introduce new sounds (both vocally and instrumentally) and who push the envelope creatively. I’ve been jamming to her for a few years now, and am in love with the latest video […]

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Growing up, on any given day you could find my sister and I running amok outside. Rollerskating, tadpole fishing, climbing trees, etc., etc., etc. We knew how to truly embrace childhood. However, when the rain destroyed our great outdoor shenanigans we’d be inside playing with our old school Nintendo (Dr. Mario rules.) or watching one […]

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“If you don’t have the ability to laugh at yourself, then you don’t have the nerve to say something stupid.” – Peter Rummell, Disney.