Hi! Nice to meet you.

I’m Emily Grober Trotter, and I’m very happy you stopped by. I’m an independent graphic designer based in Oklahoma City, and I love creating smart things for great people. I’m married to a very creative man, in his own right, and we live in a cozy little home with our two dogs and a little LadyBaby. With a master’s degree in advertising and art direction from the University of Texas at Austin, I’ve been sharpening my creative axe for more than nine years. I’ve had a lot of neat jobs, too.

When I’m not designing, you’ll probably find me eating Thai food or drinking a chai latte or snowcone, depending on the season.


What do I offer?

Thoughtful branding with a strategic background. I design logos that are clear, competitive, forward-thinking with a nod to timelessness. Oh, and sometimes they win awards. I absolutely thrive on creative consultation, so if you need some advice or guidance on what to do, I’ve got you covered. I’ve designed some sweet stuff. You want examples? Sure.

 An oxygen bar. A box trailer covered in Oklahoma State designs and quotes. Websites. Stationery suites. A 20-foot wall collage for the BOK Center. Lapel pins. An ad in Billboard magazine. Tattoos. An art truck with a permanent dry erase board installed on the sides. T-shirts for some great bands. Brochures for my old Presbyterian church camp. A hallway full of stars for Sir Paul McCartney. Digital signage. A logo for my Pawpaw’s hamburger-flipping apron.


What else?

I love working with go-getting entrepreneurs. Folks putting their heart into a new business and making that step into the unknown. Helping people on the ground floor of their future brand is what gets me jazzed. From local non-profits to a health and wellness coach in California, my favorite clients have given me their full trust, and we’ve made some serious magic. I surround myself with insanely creative people and have access to incredible photographers, printers, videographers and web developers. So, the sky’s the limit on what we can do.

Ready to design something smart? Get my attention with the social media links below, or visit my handy dandy contact page. Thanks for stopping by!