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I’ve been stopped dead in my tracks. For two weeks now I’ve been passing a *@#$! kidney stone. Or, I guess, trying to pass with no success. With graphic design jobs log-jammed (so frustrating) I have to take some time and treat my body well. I’ve had a sweet CT scan, a simple x-ray and […]

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“If you don’t have the ability to laugh at yourself, then you don’t have the nerve to say something stupid.” – Peter Rummell, Disney.


Confession. I’m not that great with a camera. I’ve always left it to other friends or family members to document any special occasions. My husband took a photography class back in high school and was a pretty stellar shot, and yes, his film (film!) was developed in a dark room the old school way. Almost […]

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Coming Up for Air.

Just a quick note to say hello, and that I’m alive! The past week has been a little busy (we’re ALL busy, right?) and I’m keeping my head down for a few more days to execute some client work. What am I up to? I just received the new client worksheets from a dear gal […]

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