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Cheap Logos.

Today, Twitter was on fire. Squarespace, a fresh company that offers quick, easy website templates for folks needing a simple site, launched Squarespace Logo. This service offers, as you can guess, a quick, easy way for folks to make a simple logo. As a graphic designer, I had to giggle at my fellow designers who […]

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“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”

– Leo Burnett

Setting Daily Intentions.

As the new year treads forward, I am thankful for the refreshed outlook I carry with me. January is a cleansing month. For many, this means eating healthy (I type this before heading to Oklahoma’s legendary restaurant Eischen’s, where I’ll happily eat fried chicken and throw back a brew). For me, however, I view January […]

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Sometimes I Photoshop Fun Things

In my spare time, I like to Photoshop odd things. My nephew. My friends. My bosses. If you are in my life, there is an 82% chance I’ve Photoshopped your head onto something fun. One of my best friends is getting married in May, and I’m excited to design her wedding suite. I’m sure she’ll […]

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Nothing is more important to harnessing, improving and helping my creativity than good music. In fact, as part of my process when I begin work with a new client I send these fun little worksheets, and I ask what music they listen to while they work, who their favorite artist is, etc. When I start […]

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Farewell, 2013.

For Trotter Creative, 2013 was a catalyst. I finally branded myself, although I have been designing for years. I finally ordered business cards and sweet thank you notes. I finally designed this website. I finally put some effort into MY business, which is great because I focus on others more frequently. I finally got my […]

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